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Horse and Carriage Services for Weddings, Events, and Special Occasions


About Saratoga Horse & Carriage Co.

Welcome to Saratoga Horse and Carriage LLC at Lakota’s Farm, the premier Horse and Carriage Company of the entire New York area. Let our years of experience work for you as we pamper you and your guests. Our beautifully restored Victorian carriages are drawn by our majestic and powerful black Percheron horses.
Close your eyes for a moment and envision the grace, elegance and world class charm that our pampered customers have enjoyed over the last fifteen years. Allow our horses to serenade you with the sounds of their powerful hooves striking the pavement. Our service is surpassed only by the love of what we do.

Saratoga Horse and Carriage LLC creating “A Lifetime of Memories”.

Saratoga Horse & Carriage Co. Trolleys

Our Horses and Guiding Principles

Lakota’s Farm is owned and operated by Alan & Kimberly Finney. It is home to Saratoga Horse and Carriage LLC and the Wedding Barn. It is also the home of 5 rescue horses and the 5 draft horses that work in the carriage business. Lakota’s Farm is named after our very first horse, he looks like an Indian horse. Lakota was rescued from a farm along with his brother Othello. Lakota had been abused and he is now blind in one eye. Othello was so emaciated it took 4 men to stand him up out of the mud. When we became caretakers, Lakota made it very clear he did not like men or trust people in general. Two years of love and patience has made him and his brother each a new horse. We honored Lakota’s forgiveness in mankind by naming our farm after him. Lakota gave us courage, taught us patience and gave us inspiration to look further and follow our hearts, which brings us where we are today.

SH&C relies on our impressive white and black Percheron horses to pull our carriages and wagons. They are experienced in all types of situations, superbly trained, traffic safe, personable, and beautiful. We take great pride in our horses and treat them with the dignity, respect, love and kindness they deserve. We encourage our clients to come and see how our horses live any time.

Due to our busy schedules, visitors to the farm are always welcome by appointment.


Comfort and Safety

SH&C always keeps your comfort and safety in mind. We take great pride in providing excellent service to our customers, yet making your safety our top priority. As well as keeping our horses comfortable and content in every aspect of their lives especially while working.

All of our carriages and wagons are equipped with lights, lanterns and or headlights.